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“The first time I saw the place, I could not believe my eyes. It was a beautiful country house with a wrap around covered porch and a tin roof. Walking up on the porch, the strong surge of chill bumps started to form along my spine as I gazed out over Sinking Creek flowing west, over a dam, and then heading northwestwardly through the Appalachian Mountains. If you close your eyes you could easily mistake the water falling over the dam and hitting the rocks below for ocean waves crashing on the beach. Nothing but a natural wonderland in all directions and a dream come true. I had died and gone to Heaven. The Earth’s natural energy emanating around me was palpable.” Page 8 “The Sibold Effect: Beyond Science, History, Ghost, and the Appalachian Supernatural” 


The story is about the author’s quest to understand his family’s history and his purpose in the arbitrary purchase of an old mill site unexpectedly once owned by his ancestors. As Miller wrestles with the coincidences of his life and his strong belief that nothing happens by chance, the history of the Appalachian Region of Virginia where he’s made his new home begins to reveal its secrets.  This is a true story backed by hundreds of actual photographs taken as the mystery unfolded.

Winner Reader's Favorite 2016 International Book Awards
Winner 2016 Hollywood Book Festival 
Winner 2016 Beach Book Festival
Winner 2016 San Francisco Book Festival
Winner 2016 New York Book Festival
Winner 2016 Paris Book Festival

A Historian Navigates His Family’s Appalachian Past to Unearth an Ancient Civilization​

This is a True Story